Enrichment/Behavior Management Library

The Enrichment/Behavior Management library is comprised of organizations dedicated to animal welfare improvements around the world.  Check it out and explore!

Animal Welfare/ Behavior/Enrichment Organizations:


A UK-based scientific organization dedicated to helping the research community worldwide to identify, develop and use 3Rs technologies and approaches.

Shape of Enrichment

The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that offers a variety of services to animal care professionals worldwide. Founded in 1991, The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. is dedicated to promoting environmentalland behavioral enrichment efforts for animals in human care, and encouraging improvements in animal welfare worldwide through education and international exchanges of enrichment theory and application.

Animal Behavior Management Alliance

The Animal Behavior Management Alliance (ABMA) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation with a membership comprised of animal care professionals and other individuals interested in enhancing animal care through training and enrichment. The ABMA has been incorporated as a non profit organization since 2000.  

Animal Training

We are committed to providing the highest level of animal care and guest experiences by engaging cast to build a culture of progressive evidence-based behavior management.  Animal, cast and guest safety should always be the first consideration in the development and implementation of all behavior management strategies.  The behavioral husbandry programs should be fully integrated into daily animal management and be both proactive and dynamic in nature. 

American Society for Primatologists

The American Society of Primatologists is both an educational and scientific society which aims to promote both the discovery and exchange of information on non-human primates. The society is open to anybody who actively, or is more passively interested in primatology, or anyone who is interested in supporting this

Come See Our World

Come See Our World (CSOW) is your window into the world of life changing research involving animals. We invite you to see the animals that are integral to medical progress. Advancements in human and animal health would not be possible without these important animals, as well as their caregivers, researchers, non-animal models, and human volunteers.

REAL Refinement and Enrichment Advancements Laboratory

REAL is comprised of laboratory animal veterinarians, veterinary technicians, animal care staff, and scientists dedicated to providing expertise and collaboration to colleagues interested in refining their animal model(s) and/or animal care.

Wild Think Enrichment

We create and evaluate puzzles, toys, and games to stimulate problem-solving and physical activity. Our cutting edge products are durable, safe for animals, and can be changed in hundreds of ways to give animals new challenges every day.
We also aim to inspire animal caretakers to create interesting, dynamic enrichment for the animals under their care. Our team is committed to educate people about the importance of enrichment, gather enrichment-related resources for animal caretakers, and share enrichment ideas with the animal care community.

Animal Welfare Institute

Since 1951, the Animal Welfare Institute has been dedicated to reducing animal suffering caused by people. We seek better treatment of animals everywhere in the laboratory, on the farm, in commerce, at home, and in the wild.

Animal Behavior Society

The Animal Behavior Society (ABS) is a non-partisan, non-profit, 501(3)(c) professional organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the scientific study of animal behavior, and to creating an inclusive scientific environment that supports a diverse membership. Members of ABS study behavior across all levels of biological organization, under natural and controlled conditions, and using descriptive and experimental approaches

American College of Animal Welfare

The mission of the American College of Animal Welfare is to advance animal welfare through education, certification, and scientific investigation. Diplomates of the American College of Animal Welfare are veterinarians with specialized training and experience. This mission is fulfilled through the application of specific knowledge listed in the Joint Task Analysis (JTA) document.


Animal Behavior Institute

ABI was founded in 2010 by Dr. Gary Fortier and Dr. Janis Hammer in order to offer behavioral courses and training online. Our web based, interactive courses allow adult students to obtain professional quality instruction without travel, anywhere, at any time. The courses and programs offered through the Animal Behavior Institute provide individualized instruction, certification, and continuing education credits for animal professionals.

Animal Behavior Degree Programs

Animal behavior degree programs emphasize hand-on learning experiences, and many require fieldwork and internships to provide a comprehensive overview of the subject.

Animal Behavior and Welfare Journals:

Applied Animal Behavior Science

The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal covering the psychology of groups and organizations. Its editor-in-chief is Gavin Schwarz. It was established 1965 and is published by SAGE Publications in association with the National Training Laboratories.

Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science

ASI helps improve and expand knowledge about human-animal relationships in order to create safer and more compassionate communities for all. We are the leader in translating research on human-animal interaction into practice, providing essential knowledge and tools, and promoting evidence-based approaches that ge

Frontiers in Veterinary Science

Part of the third most-cited veterinary science journal, this section explores insights into the behavior and welfare of both domesticated and non-domesticated animals managed or affected by humans.

Animal Behavior/ Welfare Forums:

LAREF, Lab Animal Refinement and Enrichment Forum


The purpose of the Laboratory Animal Refinement & Enrichment Forum (LAREF) is the exchange of experiences about ways to improve the conditions under which animals in laboratories are housed and handled. This electronic discussion forum is intended to serve the international animal care community in its attempt to promote animal welfare and improve scientific methodology by avoiding or eliminating husbandry-related stress situations. The forum is open to animal care personnel, animal technicians, students, attending veterinarians and researchers who have or had first-hand experience in the care of animals kept in laboratories.