Monkey Boards

Monkey Boards

Surprise in  a Box

Foraging, Chewing


Non-Human Primates


Object Manipulation, Tactile, Food

Why They Love It

NHPs forage around 70% of the day.  They will forage for long periods of time retrieving every singly seed or fruit and tearing the cardboard at the end!

Safety Concerns

One-time use, possible ingestion.


Monkey Boards

This enrichment is all year round and allows NHPs to do what they do in the wild, forage! Place any seeds, marshmallows, craisins, and watch them enjoy!
Prep Time1 day
Species: Non-Human Primates
Type: Food, Manipulative
Keyword: foraging
Yield: 1


  • Cardboard Box
  • spoon
  • Paintbrush


  • 1 small to medium cardboard box
  • 1 cup honey or cornstarch
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1 cup seeds, sesame, pumpkin, poppy, walnuts


  • Open cardboard box
  • If low calorie, mix cornstarch and water into a bowl until consistent
  • Insert paintbrush into corntarch solution
  • For high calorie enrichment, insert paintbrush into cup of honey
  • Paint honey or cornstarch solution inside box along bottom and sides
  • Mix 1 cup of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, quaker oats, and a handful of pumpkin seeds
  • Sprinkle mix of seeds inside cardboard box on top of cornstach solution or honey
  • Place inside the refrigerator overnight
  • Close cardboard box
  • If box is too large, tear a side of box off
  • Distribute to NHP
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