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Toilet Paper

NHPs love destructible enrichment! Give them toilet paper! They can manipulate, and tear as much as…

Monkey Boards

Monkey Boards Behaviors Foraging, Chewing Animals Non-Human Primates Type Object…

Rabbit Play Areas

While standard rabbit caging prohibits rabbit from stretching fully vertically as well traveling….

Frog Huts

Frogs can experience competitive feeding behaviors. Huts like this can decrease this aggression…

Rabbit Bags

Rabbits love to make noises with objects and chew! Non human primates love to tear up things and…

Icees with Wheat Grass

Rabbits, NHPs, and Swine spend hours enjoying icees, especially when fruit treats are inside.

Pig Boxes

Pigs love to root. This box allows them to root, chew, and explore what’s in the box….

Pig Water Tubs

As long you make the holes big enough, and put tasty treats inside, pigs will spend time rooting for…

Rabbit Boxes

As long you make the holes big enough, and put tasty treats inside, pigs will spend time rooting…

Coconut Icees

The perfect summer treat to allow them to work to get the fruits inside, to lick the icees, and to groom…

Carton O’ Treats

Pigs spend time rooting for their reward. Put tasty treats inside so they can work for….

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